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24 Design Hours Per Month

What's Included:


Guaranteed design availability for the time periods you need. One design request at a time, unlimited brands, Shutterstock photos and easy credit-card payments. 


Graphic Designs

Logos, Websites, Illustrations, Social Media Graphics, Marketing Materials, Product Packaging, Video Motion Graphics



Spiritual Brand Design, Brand Image Consistency, Brand Identity Outlines, Brand Philosophy Planning, Big Idea Mockups, Creativity Blockbuster, Therapeutic Digital Art




Email to cancel at anytime, please give a 30 day notice. Unused design hours cannot be rolled over to following month. Intellectual property protection on all projects, 100% yours.

Select Design Duration

4 Months


every month for 4 months

8 Months


every month for 8 months

12 Months


every month for 12 months

Only 4 left in stock

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