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Sometimes accessing a file can be tricky, if you need assistance involving files in your master folder, please fill out the contact form below to let us know, thank you!

What do you need help with?


Pride is taken in proving the best design service experience for SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC clients. The best designs are created though a collaboration with the client, based on their vision and needs.




Full payment is needed to begin all projects, satisfaction guaranteed. Payments can be made easily through our Wave online invoicing system. Other electronic forms of payment such as Zelle, CashApp and Venmo are accepted. PayPal, checks and money orders are not accepted forms of payment.


NO REFUNDS AFTER 15 DAYS from initial payment. 100% full refunds can only be made within 72 hours (3 days) after initial payment and sent back to the original form of payment electronically though our Wave invoicing system. Partial refunds are only given between 4 to 15 days and will only be determined by the labor used in design development and or time spent in client project communication, with a $75 cancellation fee. The $75 cancellation fee will be deducted from the determined partial refund amount and unfinished project files will be sent to the client.


Prices are determined by design assets' utility. 


Estimates made with no follow-up payment will deleted after 30 days. Quoted prices are subject to change after 30 days.


Project completion turn around date varies based on design complexity. Client is responsible for responding to samples sent within 7 days. Failure to respond to sent samples will mark the client’s account as “delayed” triggering an additional charge for extra design services fees. To avoid this, the client must provide feedback as promptly as possible “within 7 days”.


Please communicate with SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC by email or give us a call. We ask our client’s not to communicate through text, it helps us keep a better track of our records. 


All design project information discussed and outlined in documents shared with clients, will remain under privacy property protection and will not be shared with any third party by SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC. Client finalized design projects and artwork development processes will however be featured on all SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.) for business marketing or educational purposes, through way of photography and video.


Samples and finalized files are sent by email or online cloud storage link. All files, folders and links are safe and delivered virus free. 

SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC folders typically contain 3 to 100+ files, with different naming conventions and a wide variety of use cases. Sometimes a file can get lost in the shuffle, if you believe that you are missing files please contact us, we’ll gladly send them to you.

  • Missing Files? Fill out our file guide form. Files Guide

Logo Master folder consists of PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS and SVG files. Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Photoshop (PSD) source files are not included in the Logo Master Folder, but can be purchased separately. Original source files will be kept with SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC. Files developed by SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC can not be resold.


Clients hold FULL RIGHTS to commercially sell, share, trademark, copyright, reproduce and destroy ONLY FINALIZED design files delivered by SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC. The rights to brand name logos and other designs created by SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC is limited to marketing and educational purposes. Please refer back to the “Intellectual Property Protection” clause. 

  • Samples designs are mock-ups delivered to clients that are only for viewing purposes to communicate the direction of the project and CAN NOT be resold, printed, shared online, trademarked, covered by copyright laws, reproduced and is considered stolen property of SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC if done so. Swift legal action will be taken if any samples are used by a client without SATCHELL DESIGNS LLC consent. 

  • Finalized designs reflect the invoiced design outline and delivered in a zipped folder. Full rights to use artwork from the folder are given to the client.


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